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HOS Financial has been the Industry Leader for Rent to Own Investing since 2005! We have a proven track record and continue to be Canada’s leader in providing Quality Rent to Own or Real Estate Investment Opportunities!!

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities
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Are you maximizing your return on investment so you can build wealth…with MUCH LESS effort than ever before? What if you could do this knowing that your investment would positively impact the financial destiny of fortunate families for generations to come?

HOS Comments & Reviews...

HOS Comments & Reviews...
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Rent To Own Investor FAQ

Rent To Own Investor FAQ
Is my return on investment (ROI) guaranteed?
HOS Financial is a Diamond Level Member or Carop - The Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals.

Credit Compass Program

Credit Compass Program
HOS Financial maintains control of the client’s Credit Mentoring “in house” though our Credit Compass Program. This way, we maintain “control” over the client’s Credit Mentoring.

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Why Invest in Real Estate through HOS Financial?

HOS Financial has been offering Investors Quality Investment Opportunities across Canada for the past 12 Years!!

HOS Financial is the first Rent to Own Company in Ontario to receive Platinum membership status with CAROP - The Canadian Association of Rent-to-Own Professionals. CAROP members are scrutinized in a number of areas but the main areas of review are Compliance, Underwriting Standards, Credit Mentoring, Exit Strategies and Industry success rates for both Investors and Tenants.
HOS Financial has executed more successful Rent to Own Investments than anyone else in Canada!

Canadian Real Estate Wealth reports a Rent to Own resurgence is expected for Canada. It says prospective home owners who cannot enter the Home Buying Market due to stringent mortgage lending guidelines are turning to rent to own. Rent to Own offers Non-Bank qualified consumers an excellent from Renting to Home Ownership. Demand for Rent to Own has never been higher.

This means the opportunity to Invest in Rent to Own properties has never been better! If you are a Real Estate Investor seeking to enter the Real Estate Investing arena, we strongly recommend looking at HOS Financial’ s Rent-to- Own versus Buy-Rent and Hold. Why? See below…

Here are few things that make Real Estate Investing through HOS Financial’s Rent-to-Own program a very attractive alternative…

  1. You receive starting security deposits of 5% or more compared to just first and Last Month’s rent…
  2. Our Rent-to-Own Investment opportunities come with clients who have been pre-screened thoroughly and have a Pre-structured program for Credit Mentoring…
  3. Our Real Estate Investments have an Exit strategy from the beginning. Our objective is to prepare future home buyers for their mortgage of the future. HOS Financial has a high success rate with their Industry leading rent to own programs
  4. Our Rent-to-Own programs make ILA mandatory for the tenants.
  5. Our Programs feature Job Loss Insurance so your income in not interrupted by an unexpected layoff of your tenants.
  6. Great Return on Investment with our opportunities.
  7. As we stated above, HOS Financial has been Canada’s leader in rent to own programs for 10+years and has Diamond Status with CAROP

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