About Us

Who is HOS Financial?

HOS Financial has been helping investors make safe real estate investment choices since 2005. Our team is made up from Mortgage Professionals, Real Estate Professionals, and Experienced Business Managers. HOS Financial has worked with Real Estate investors to help over 500 Families since inception.

We are an Industry Leader in Lease Purchase Programs and are the first Diamond Level Member with CAROP (www.carop.ca)

Our mission is to provide safe Real Estate Investments opportunities to Socially Conscious Investors who want to help families achieve and maintain their dream of home ownership.

What makes HOS Financial different?

  • Our Staff have been trained by mainstream lender and bank insurers on how to review an applicant’s credit and employment history. Understanding the requirements of Banks, Mortgage Companies, Credit Unions and Mortgage Insurers like CMHC, allow us to implement Exit Strategies which are fail safe as long as the tenant makes their Lease Payments during the term.
  • Our Underwriting procedures are robust and consistent with Major Banks and other lender. Further to underwriting guidelines, HOS Financial underwriters use conservative debt service ratio when qualifying applications. We make sure they can afford to make their monthly Lease Payments comfortably.  Our investors enjoy peace of mind knowing their tenants are not stretched financially.
  • We use the same Real Estate information as Real Estate Professionals when determining Market Values for the end of the Lease. We access Teranet Databases to study Real Estate trends before establishing Appreciation factors to calculate the end of Lease Purchase Price. This helps protect investors and potential homeowners from Investing in properties which are overpriced or declining in value.

Here at HOS Financial, we protect our investor partners, first and foremost.

  • Our Programs start with an Initial Equity deposit of 5% minimum on Purchases and 10% minimum for refinance files. With more “skin in the game”, it greatly reduces risk as tenants are much less likely to walk away or do a midnight move. There are a lot of companies offering entry into their program with 1-3% initial equity. The risk factor to Real Estate Investors is greatly increased when this happened.

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