Due Dilligence

What kind of due diligence and process does HOS Financial follow?

HOS Financial Inc. is a Rent To Own residential real estate investment brokerage. HOS Financial specializes in upfront due diligence on tenants and brokering Rent To Own real estate investment deals so investors can invest stress free. Tenants undergo a rigorous screening process where the underwriting department determines their eligibility for the Rent To Own program. As a matter of fact 9 out of every 10 tenants who apply to Home Owner Soon’s Rent To Own program are not accepted because of the rigorous standards. The final stage of the Home Owner Soon process for tenants, which has an impact on investors, is determining what tenants are able to afford. Once the tenants know what they can afford, they shop for a property they want investors to buy on their behalf.

For an investor, when you finally receive a deal to your email you know that the tenants on the file have met the HOS tenant standards and that a subject property that you could be purchasing has already been found. This is part of HOS Financial’s hassle free real estate investing. A large part of the work involved for professional real estate investors is ensuring they are investing in quality tenants and then secondly, finding a property that their aren’t only able to afford but a property the investor wants to invest in. With HOS Financial, the home work is done for you.

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