Investor FAQ

HOS Investor Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why are tenant applicants declined?
Tenants who cannot provide a suitable down payment or prove their income are high-risk tenants.  We don’t want our investors to take unnecessary risks.  We decline 90% of the tenant applications we receive before we send them to our investors.

2) Is my return on investment (ROI) guaranteed?
We cannot guarantee how tenants will act, illness, job loss or many other external factors.  Because of those reasons, we cannot and do not guarantee any ROI.

3) Who maintains the property?
The tenants are responsible for maintenance and repairs.  They are the future homeowners and they are expected to take care of the property as if it were their own.

4) What happens if a tenant doesn’t make their payments?
You make arrangements to collect the payments and if unsuccessful, you start the eviction process.  You need to inform us immediately if there is a payment problem so we can assist.  Should there be a problem, contact us at 1-800-670-2756 ext. 107

5) How long are the lease purchase terms?
The shortest term is 2 year.  The longest is 5 years.

6) What is your default ratio?
Our default ratio is less than 9% in 2012, down from 15% when HOS Financial first started in 2006.  Our tenant screening process reduces the risk as much as possible.

7) Who chooses the home?
The tenant does after they’ve been pre-qualified and approved by an investor.  Many of our tenants are already in the home they want to buy.

8) Where is the program available?
The program is available throughout Canada.

9) Do you do new construction?
Unfortunately, we do not deal with new construction only in Ontario at this time.

10) Do you do private sales?
Yes we do, only with an appraisal from a qualified and certified appraiser.

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