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Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Helping Would Be Investors Find Their Way.
One reason why HOS Financial opened up our doors was to help real estate investment beginners find their way to properties that make sense and (when applicable) mortgages that offer the best deal in terms of rate and term.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common tips that we provide to those who are new to investing in real estate as a form of long-term financial security.

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How RTO Investors Make Money

How Can You As an Investor In Rent To Own Make Money?
HOS Financial actively markets for Real Estate rent to own (RTO) opportunities.

With each Opportunity, we perform an in-depth qualification underwriting process on our prospective tenants. Once we have received a signed agreement with the tenant (future buyer) we then market the opportunity to our base of real estate investors.

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Getting Started as an Individual Investor


As investors ourselves, we know what it takes to complete a deal. We’ve worked hard to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Check out our short video that explains who we are and the entire process:

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Joint Ventures

Join the Rent To Own Revolution…
With over 850 facilitated Rent to Own Projects (RTO) and at least 20 projects under evaluation at any time, HOS Financial is positioned to help you find the next opportunity which meets your Real Estate Investing goals!

We interviewed Real Estate managers of large investment groups.
During these candid interviews, we asked these Real Estate investing professionals…3 simple questions:

1. What percentage of your investment membership have acted and purchased at least 1 investment property?

2. What do you think are the most common barriers preventing them from investing?

3. If you were to ask your membership what their minimum return on investment expectations are…what would they say?

Here are their surprising responses:

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Limited Partnership

Accelerated Home Ownership Program
HOS FINANCIAL INC has developed an accelerated home ownership program to help families realize their goal of home ownership.

The Canadian dream of home ownership is becoming harder to achieve in today’s financial landscape. It is more difficult to qualify for a mortgage given the new regulations of the Canadian Government and the lending community.  Saving enough money for a down payment, meeting increasingly stringent credit requirements and qualifying for a mortgage are the major factors that are stopping many of us from owning our own homes.

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