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Binbrook ON - P-0045-DEH-HAM(NP)

The Client relocated to Jamaica in 2010 to invest in a family business, which unfortunately did not do as well as they had hoped. Consequently, they relocated back to their home town of Hamilton, ON. Shortly thereafter, the wife was accepted into the Norman Manley Law School program at the University of the West Indies – where she completed her Law Degree.

Mattawa, ON : P-0077-CAM-MAT

A number of years ago, this clients credit suffered from unpaid debts from a previous marriage break up. After meeting her new partner, she noticed that he was in the habit of paying for everything in cash. Although this avoided further debt, it meant that he had no established credit. The two came to Mattawa looking for a new start, to live closer to their daughter, and opened up a pizza shop.


The clients have been renting the property for a while, and now have a chance to buy the house the call home. The property's market value is $ 345K on appraisal. The Seller wants $ 308K from the tenant, and will gift them the difference in equity to help with their Total Down Payment Combined with their saved Down Payment, they will have 12% towards the New Purchase.


These clients were owners of a successful Pizza business a few years ago. They moved the location of the Pizza Storefront but his proved to be costly. Sales dropped, the business fell apart, and they subsequently suffered $130,000 in losses – forcing them to sell their home to pay debts associated with the Business.

Niagara Falls, ON - P-0159-ZAC-NIA

About the Tenant Client entered a rent to own program with no planned Exit Strategy. The Landlord that did the Rent to Own did not have the financial experience to guide the client and get them bank ready for the future. As a result, they were unable to secure mortgage financing at the end due to their Credit Profile.

Kingston, ONT - P-0177-ROB-FRO (NP)

Information about the Tenant Their Parents refinanced his home to gift the Tenant the down Payment. Mortgage financing fell through due to tight Lending guidelines and their “bruised” Credit. They now want to buy a home using our Rent to Own program. The Tenant Husband has a very secure Income as a Mechanic with Hertz Rental Cars.
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