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Hamilton, ON: P-0054-MAA-HAM

Our Client wishes to purchase a family home but is having difficulty qualifying for the mortgage. Our intent is to locate one of our investors that will help this client by purchasing the home with a predefined further buyback price.

Collingwood, ON : P-0069-MCD-COL

Our Client is self employed their credit ratings are good but the bank has declined them because of their debt ratios. They are working diligently to pay off current debts. They wish to purchase a family home for themselves and their two young girls.

Binbrook ON - P-0045-DEH-HAM

We are hardworking individuals whose life’s purpose is to create a stable environment for our family. We have found this beautiful new home and have placed an offer conditional on financing which we need waived by June 30, 2017. It was with this mindset, we decided to relocate to Jamaica in 2010 to invest in a family business.

Bracebridge, ON - P-0116-GER-BRA

Kim has been a nurse full time since June 2015. Her grandfather got sick and she took time off to help her grandfather. She was off for 5 months and returned back to work part time. She is currently working full time. They applied for a mortgage and due to her part time hours last and not enough income showing on her previous NOA. The bank also had an issue with her husbands credit.

Mattawa, ON : P-0077-CAM-MAT

(40 min East of North Bay) These clients are self employed owners of a successful pizza shop. They do not meet the bank’s lending guidelines because “she” had some past credit issues. “He” has a great Credit Score but not enough established trade-lines for the bank to look beyond her weaker credit score.

St Thomas, ON - P-0108-JAK-NEW

Clients responded to my direction as far as paying out the fairstone debt/settlement via the following: “Linda and I talked it over and we are not willing to do any kind of settlement with fairstone financial. As far as we are concerned the dept. has been written off and no legal action can be taken due to the 2 year statue of limitation.
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