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Sault Saint Marie - R-0272-BEA-SSM

This is an opportunity to help a family who was challenged by unexpected life events and need help to recover financially. Both tenants were off due to illness and fell behind on their obligations. Both are now back to great health. He has returned to work and is making a very good wage, she is scheduled to go back early in the New Year.

Iroquois Falls, ONT - P-0266-ROY-IRO

This tenant is looking for a family home for her and her aging Parents. The tenant has excellent Income to Purchase Price ratios. Very secure employment PLUS her parents who are pensioners will be staying with her to help with living expenses. Good Returns for a deserving tenant who will be very bank ready at the end of the term.

London, ONT - P-0252-HOW-LON

Anthony Passarelli, an analyst with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.,  recently (November 1, 2017) presented his annual market outlook forecast at a London conference organized by the London St. Thomas Association of Realtors.

GTA - Toronto/Markham - P-0233-KIM-TOR (NP)

This young client has been an Interior Designer with an established company in Toronto, and has recently made the decision to start his own firm. He has already landed a strong client base, and he is eagerly working to build upon that. Through quality work, and experience he continues to make a name for himself.

Brockville (Mallorytown) - R-0268-FLA-MAL

This client was working for the Armed Forces in Halifax. He was transferred to Ontario and retired. For a period he was carrying two houses at once and fell behind with finances. This client has since begun working for a Defence contractor PLUS collects his Armed Forces pension. The couple are looking for the opportunity of keeping their home while repairing their credit damage.

Bracebridge, Ontario - P-0238-STE-BRA

These Clients came to HOS currently in a poorly designed rent to own program. With credit still bruised, they cannot exit from landlord. They are entering our program seeking a solution that shows a clear path to an exit strategy that builds higher down payment and works with them to repair credit.

Welland (Niagara), ONT - P-0255-WEI-WEL

This client is buying a home in Welland with 5% down. They have been declined by traditional lenders due to late, or sloppy payment history. Their income is strong enough to carry the RTO program, and they will use the time in the program to clean up their credit profile. Another fantastic opportunity yielding great return in just 5 years.

London, Ontario - P-0182-KHA-LON

Tenant story This client is an engineer consultant by training with extensive experience overseas. Currently attempting to get his education accredited in Canada so that he can be employed in a related field, he has a plan to work in a different field while going through this process. His wife is a translator, currently building and nurturing local opportunities.

Sudbury, Ontario - P-0237-DES-SUD

Tenant story This client went through a difficult separation and divorce, but is now on stable ground and looking to rebuild with a hope of home ownership of utmost interest. Wayne has worked in the mining industry for some time now, and recently began working for an industry leading drilling company. The result of the divorce is not being able to qualify for traditional financing at this time.

Ajax, Ontario - R-0158-GOU-AJA

Tenant story This client took a package from Canada Post, deciding to become a Financial Planner and team builder with Primerica. Although typically taking a few years to build a pipeline of agents, he has already become a Division Leader.

Mono (Orangeville) Ontario - R-0234-ADD-MON

The clients have made significant personal sacrifices, including financial, to assist their son pursue his dream of playing in the NHL. Their son’s hard work and talent is on the cusp of a breakthrough. He was drafted this past year and has already signed an entry level contract with a National Hockey League team.

Lively, Ontario (Sudbury) - R-0249-BAY-LIV

Here is the Tenant Story as told by them… When this mortgage was refinanced through the company it is with now, it was refinanced only for 2 years to help rebuild my credit.

Brampton, Ontario - R-0220-GUR-BRA

This opportunity is very Unique. The client was taken away from their field of employ for an unexpected period. Prior to this happening the client average high earnings but as they were away for an extended period they lost their base and sort of had to start fresh. This is what makes the opportunity unique.

(Ridgeway) Fort Erie, Ontario - P-0229-FAC-NIA

These clients recently sold their home to pay off debts, and have entered our RTO program after finding this beautiful property in Ridgeway, Ontario. Kristina and Kevin are committed to returning to home ownership, and are enthusiastic with the plan HOS has customized for them. This is an excellent investment opportunity with great exit strategy.

Timmins, Ontario - R-0225-GOR-TIM

This duel income family, fell behind on their mortgage payments employment changes (for both). Jennifer has been with United way for 12 years but with Corporate restructuring they closed the United Way Branch she was running and re-opened at a later date. The shutdown was unexpected and the interruption in income put the family’s finances under stress.

Markham, Ontario - P-0228-MAH-MAR

This young client has had a stable job since finishing her training as a nurse, three years ago. During her time as a student, she acquired some credit challenges - but has meticulously repaired them one by one. This young professional has demonstrated a commitment to financial discipline, and is looking for an investor help her on her path to home ownership.

Barrie, Ontario - R-0206-SCH-BAR

These clients bring significant security to the file by way of 16% initial deposit. Plus…the property shows an elevated level of “Pride of Ownership”. When the property was viewed, it was immaculate! This couple is excited about the opportunity remaining in their family home.

Belleville - ONT, P-0183-DEA-BEL

This couple plans to purchase the house worth $88K on appraisal. They are purchasing from parents for $50K, balance is to be gifted. The funds will be used for paying off existing debts, and fees, with the balance of 16% towards down payment. This property is affordable enough for a family with modest income.

Smiths Falls (Kingston), ONT - R-0176-PIL-SMI

This client fell behind on the property tax payments during a time of lost employment and marital challenges. Since then, she has reconciled with her husband Kevin, who has a steady income, and has secured a job herself – and together they can afford the monthly lease payments.

Brampton, ONT - P-0197-BAN-BRA

This young couple plans, soon to be married, is looking to purchase a home for themselves. They have worked diligently to pay off all debts, leaving only their car loan (which will be paid off in full prior to the end of their lease), ensuring their ratios and income will be well in line to qualify for a mortgage. They are motivated buyers who are eager to start this new chapter in their lives.

Kingston, ONT - P-0177-ROB-FRO (NP)

Information about the Tenant Their Parents refinanced his home to gift the Tenant the down Payment. Mortgage financing fell through due to tight Lending guidelines and their “bruised” Credit. They now want to buy a home using our Rent to Own program. The Tenant Husband has a very secure Income as a Mechanic with Hertz Rental Cars.

Niagara Falls, ON - P-0159-ZAC-NIA

About the Tenant Client entered a rent to own program with no planned Exit Strategy. The Landlord that did the Rent to Own did not have the financial experience to guide the client and get them bank ready for the future. As a result, they were unable to secure mortgage financing at the end due to their Credit Profile.


These clients were owners of a successful Pizza business a few years ago. They moved the location of the Pizza Storefront but his proved to be costly. Sales dropped, the business fell apart, and they subsequently suffered $130,000 in losses – forcing them to sell their home to pay debts associated with the Business.


The clients have been renting the property for a while, and now have a chance to buy the house the call home. The property's market value is $ 345K on appraisal. The Seller wants $ 308K from the tenant, and will gift them the difference in equity to help with their Total Down Payment Combined with their saved Down Payment, they will have 12% towards the New Purchase.


This client was a silent partner with his Father's business - but was left with a 500K Income Tax bill when he passed away. The client has had no choice but to declare Insolvency to rid the debts as CRA was moving in. The client is looking to refinance the home and take it out of Bankruptcy proceedings. This client has an income @ $ 250,000 per annum.

Mattawa, ON : P-0077-CAM-MAT

A number of years ago, this clients credit suffered from unpaid debts from a previous marriage break up. After meeting her new partner, she noticed that he was in the habit of paying for everything in cash. Although this avoided further debt, it meant that he had no established credit. The two came to Mattawa looking for a new start, to live closer to their daughter, and opened up a pizza shop.

Binbrook ON - P-0045-DEH-HAM(NP)

The Client relocated to Jamaica in 2010 to invest in a family business, which unfortunately did not do as well as they had hoped. Consequently, they relocated back to their home town of Hamilton, ON. Shortly thereafter, the wife was accepted into the Norman Manley Law School program at the University of the West Indies – where she completed her Law Degree.

Smithtown, NB : R-0029-WIC-SMI

This family rented 563 Lakeside Road Smith Town, NB for more than 5 years. In September 2015 the landlord sold them the property for $54,000 with two mobile homes located on the land. One mobile home was tolled off the lot while the other was dismantled and rebuilt as a site built home. They took out a private construction loan of $75,000 to purchase the land and start the construction.
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