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Smithtown, NB : R-0029-WIC-SMI

This family rented 563 Lakeside Road Smith Town, NB for more than 5 years. In September 2015 the landlord sold them the property for $54,000 with two mobile homes located on the land. One mobile home was tolled off the lot while the other was dismantled and rebuilt as a site built home. They took out a private construction loan of $75,000 to purchase the land and start the construction.

Ingersoll, ON - R-0121-BEA-ING

House under 8 years old. Client bought it when he worked for Rogers and making $70K a year. Rogers laid him off right after he closed and he has been trying to find a good paying full time job. He fell behind all his debts trying to manager the mortgage with CIBC. Now CIBC is behind and going into Notice of Sale.

St. Thomas, Ontario : R-0093-DOU-STT

The clients are very close to power of sale right now. Their current mortgage with BNS is in recall. They also have a second mortgage for 35K that needs to be paid out. Reason for hardship is that Carlton (husband) was on disability and Deanne (wife) was hit by a truck in a body cast for quite some time on welfare.

Niagara Falls, Ontario : R-0089-MCD-NIA

Client owns a large lot with a substantial size home in Niagara Falls. Her profession is as a contractor for PSW trainer for health care in third world countries that has famine or disaster relief. She put that side of the business on hold and told her agent to put any contracts on hold as she did care giving to a brother that required hospital care nearby in Niagara Falls.
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