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Smithtown, NB : R-0029-WIC-SMI

This family rented 563 Lakeside Road Smith Town, NB for more than 5 years. In September 2015 the landlord sold them the property for $54,000 with two mobile homes located on the land. One mobile home was tolled off the lot while the other was dismantled and rebuilt as a site built home. They took out a private construction loan of $75,000 to purchase the land and start the construction.


This client was a silent partner with his Father's business - but was left with a 500K Income Tax bill when he passed away. The client has had no choice but to declare Insolvency to rid the debts as CRA was moving in. The client is looking to refinance the home and take it out of Bankruptcy proceedings. This client has an income @ $ 250,000 per annum.

Burlington, ON - R-0172-HAR-BUR

About the Tenant This is the Tenant’s self written story: "It started with my divorce. Then my business of 11 years started to go into a decrease, my lease was up for renewal and it was too high for the business to handle so I was forced to close. I found a new job in the same field immediately, however, recently after starting my bank account was defrauded and all my funds taken.
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