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Smithtown, NB : R-0029-WIC-SMI

This family rented 563 Lakeside Road Smith Town, NB for more than 5 years. In September 2015 the landlord sold them the property for $54,000 with two mobile homes located on the land. One mobile home was tolled off the lot while the other was dismantled and rebuilt as a site built home. They took out a private construction loan of $75,000 to purchase the land and start the construction.

Lively, Ontario (Sudbury) - R-0249-BAY-LIV

Here is the Tenant Story as told by them… When this mortgage was refinanced through the company it is with now, it was refinanced only for 2 years to help rebuild my credit.

Ajax, Ontario - R-0158-GOU-AJA

Tenant story This client took a package from Canada Post, deciding to become a Financial Planner and team builder with Primerica. Although typically taking a few years to build a pipeline of agents, he has already become a Division Leader.

Brampton, ON - R-0307-DHU-BRA

This client owns a couple of rentals plus their principal residence. They borrowed money from the sister in law to purchase this semi-detached sub-division home in sought out area in Brampton. The sister in law wants her money back after the mortgage expires in January and the client is having issues locating a private that would do so.

Sudbury Opportunity

Tenant lost her Husband last year and the financial stresses of dealing with the Finances and securing the Survivors pension ...the client behind with the Local Credit Union. They want to enter our Lease Buyback Program and get a "Fresh Start". Well Maintained Property - definitely shows pride of Ownership. If you are considering your first Investment with HOS Financial...

White City (Regina), SK

Client is recovering from a divorce that compromised finances . He wants to save the property he calls home. Outstanding income and service ratios to manage this opportunity.
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