I just wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank You for putting on such an informative and action packed seminar. Guy you went above and beyond what we could have possibly have hoped for. Now at least

we have some insight into how RTO ‘s really work. I am really looking forward to doing my first deal and then second and third and etc. Thanks again to both of you.


Results Holding Corp.

All deals we have done with HOS so far have been successful and we are quite enjoying the returns and the cash flow. It is even more rewarding to be able to make a real difference in people’s lives and we hugely enjoy the human side of investing with HOS.

~Results Holding Corp.~

J&B Beecroft, Successful New Home Owners

I’m happy I can go home to my house at the end of the day. Id recommends the product because they are good at what they do. They helped me with something I couldn’t do it alone.

~ J&B Beecroft, Successful New Home Owners ~

E. Carr

I have been investing with HOS for many years, my first deal blew up and defaulted within 6 months. I was able to dump the property and brake even, but the deal I did after seem to work more smoothly so HOS must be doing something right. I find their screening process tighter and now with Debt Care to my tenant, I feel a lot more confident with these files than some of the other players out there. I stay away from people calling themselves rent to own and taking 2-3% down, I like HOS’s lease purchase program a lot better.

~E. Carr~

Results Holding Corp.

As with any first experience with a service provider the first deal was a trial – we did not know what to expect. After we started interacting with HOS on the first potential deal, we really liked the no pressure, no hard-sell approach and were impressed by the quality of due diligence information that was available to us which made it easy to assess the deal and make a decision.

~Results Holding Corp.~

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